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Company Description

Ethereum Labs is a R & D organisation, incubating Disruptive ideas, which leverage the Ethereum Blockchain Stack. We develop Decentralized Applications, Organisations & Smart Contracts. Ethereum Labs’ mission at it’s core is to deliver real life value add that can make a meaningful difference to legacy processes.

Ethereum Labs is uniquely positioned to create the foundations of seamless connectivity between people, things & systems. This foundation is essential for enabling the next wave of technological change, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and transition to the Decentralized Blockchain based cloud.

The combined Partnerships and R & D we are building will have unparalleled innovation capabilities. The Ethereum Labs DApp Developer Partnerships model and the Ethereum Labs in-house projects will operate under a unified entity with a clear focus on licensing and the continuous incubation of new technologies.

Ethereum Labs will be in a position to accelerate the development of future technologies including Crypto Currencies, IoT, Blockchain-defined networking, Decentralised Cloud, Block Analytics as well as discrete applications in Telecoms and Logistics.

Our Partnerships with companies like Blockchain Lab reveal highly complementary portfolios and geographies, with regional strengths in the United States, China, Europe and Asia-Pacific. They also bring together the best of fixed and mobile Applications, Node Traffic routing, core Decentralised Networks, Payment applications and services. This combination is expected to create access to an expanded, addressable market with improved long term growth opportunities.

Consumers are looking to access Decentralized Applications across networks of all kinds. In this environment technology that used to operate independently now needs to work well together. That is not always the case today, but Ethereum Labs and it’s Partners are uniquely suited to helping DApp Developers, Blockchain players and large enterprises address this challenge.